Highland Creek Partners is led by executives with backgrounds in acquiring and managing privately-owned companies. The firm is also backed by a sophisticated group of investors comprised of current/former CEOs and professional investors.

We provide liquidity and succession planning to business owners seeking retirement or a partial reduction in their management responsibilities. Post-acquisition, our Partners take leadership roles in the day-to-day management of the business with a focus on long-term growth and maintaining your company’s legacy and independence.

What We Are Looking For:

  • $5 - $50mm of revenue, $2 – 6mm of EBITDA (operating profit)
  • Positive and stable cash flows
  • Recurring revenue
  • Control acquisition
  • Service based businesses

Why We Are Different:

  • Fair and flexible terms tailored to your situation
  • Our Partners assume day-to-day management responsibilities, advised by a sophisticated investor group and Board
  • Your company remains independent
  • Longer-term investors with no intention to sell the business in the near or medium-term

Click here to download our brochure. If you have a business that you are considering selling and would like to learn more about our approach, please contact us.